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Enhance your reading comprehension with the power of context clues. Discover effective strategies and techniques to decipher the meaning of unfamiliar words and deepen your understanding of texts.
Context Clues Activities! This blog post features a context clues lesson, anchor chart, and interactive notebook entry! The free printables are available for immediate use! Anchor Charts, 5th Grade Reading, 6th Grade Reading, English, Context Clues Anchor Chart, Context Clues Lesson, Context Clues Activities, Context Clues, Elementary Reading

Hi there! It’s Deb Hanson from Crafting Connections, and I’m going to share a free context clues lesson with you today. This lesson is arranged in a similar way to a character traits lesson that I shared with you last year! If you do decide that you want to try this activity with your students, be sure to click on the image below. The cup labels and sentence strips for this lesson are available in the FREE download. I almost always start my ELA units with a PowerPoint presentation to…

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Need a simple way to teach context clues? Check out these 3 interactive anchor charts that are perfect for any elementary classroom! Add these lessons and activities to your Language, Reading Literature, and Reading Informational lesson plans to help your students master context clues.

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If we want our students to increase their vocabulary, it's important that they develop their skill for using context clues. The downside? It can be a pretty dry skill to teach....unless you use interactive and engaging activities to do it. That’s the key - if

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