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Enter the adorable world of Corgi Queens and discover everything you need to know about these lovable companions. Join the Corgi Queen community and embrace your love for these regal pups.
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March Madness continues on The Daily Corgi, with the most popular posts of all time convening in a show of solidarity and silliness! Because people, you need to LAUGH. And I am here to help make that happen. Me and all the Corgis of the world. Love, Laurie SodaHead Run of the palace grounds. [...]

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Queen Elizabeth's preferred breed of dog is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The animals are originally from Wales in Great Britain and only reach a height of just under 30 centimeters. Read now why the queen has dearly loved the agile four-legged friends since she was 18. The Queen's Corgis The Queen has owned corgis and

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