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How to make beautiful folk-art paint designs using simple brushstrokes - Click Americana

Artist Peter Hunt was known for his colorful peasant-style folk-art paint designs. He insisted that everyone - even people who couldn't draw a straight line - could create these whimsical designs, using the simple techniques he explains here.

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Artisan Sister Lamps

Introducing a captivating quartet of character table lamps, each embodying the essence of a distinct female personality. First, there's "Maisie," an elegant lamp that exudes sophistication. Next, "Hazel" steals the spotlight with her bold and modern design, symbolizing strength and individuality. The graceful and ethereal "Rosie" casts a dreamy glow, representing creativity and imagination. Lastly, "Lily" shines with a vintage allure, capturing the spirit of nostalgia and elegance…