Crate Shelves

Transform your space with these creative and functional crate shelves ideas. Discover unique ways to organize and display your belongings with these DIY crate shelf projects.
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10 Ways To Repurpose Milk Crates

There were probably milk crates laying around the house sometime in your life, but you didn’t know what to do with them except use them to store junk or just throw them away. You can actually turn them into something more useful. In a world of possibilities, here are ten ways you can repurpose and reuse...

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36 DIY Ideas To Organize The Garage

Have a garage that needs to have some order put on the chaos? When I realized how much wasted space I had in my garage and how disorganized it was getting, I started thinking about cool new ways to turn my garage into a useful, livable space. Check out some of these amazing DIY ideas

Rebecca Lane
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11 Crate Projects to Make Your Home Better

I love the diversity of crates. Natural, stained, painted, or rugged wood. Square or rectangular. Tall or squatty. Plus they make an excellent basket or shelf for storage. There truly is a crate to meet all of your needs! For many years crates have been used as a means


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