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Elder Dragon-Excellence Award of the "the Rookies2022", Hajime Tanno

Conceptual model of an early dragon in the evolutionary process of an organism. Primitive body structure, before becoming functionally sophisticated. It has the strength of a living organism, despite its many superfluous features. The anatomy of the shoulder area has been designed to explore a new solution for a form of dragon that has both wings and arms.

Ornella Sessa
ArtStation - Weretober 2020 Taran Fiddler, Month Of October, Werewolf Art, Fantasy Beasts, Monster Concept Art, Fantasy Creatures Art, Fantasy Monster, I Really Appreciate, Mythical Creatures Art

Weretober 2020, Taran Fiddler

A challenge to draw 31 were-creatures for the month of October. I had a lot of fun with this one. I really appreciate all of the support and encouragement I'd received through the month, and I also wanted to thank all of the other amazing artists who participated. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy this collection of Weretober Creatures!

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Creature Concept Art - TUTORIAL, William Bang

This is a tutorial I made on making creature concept art in Blender, over on youtube, this project was quite the undertaking, but was a lot of fun. I also created a more extensive tutorial available over on gumroad! YouTube Tutorial: Gumroad Tutorial:

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