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Beautiful Shells Bandana

The beautiful shells stitch features a cool crochet technique where you work crochet chain framing like a "scaffold," that you can then build thick beautiful shells on top of. There are several intricate (looking) stitches that employ this strategy such as the uber popular Virus Stitch. If you've never crocheted a pattern this way, the ...

Julie Schoell
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Double V-Stitch or Split Shell Kerchief Pattern

This kerchief pattern features a split shell pattern for a simple, yet pretty lace. It's easy to customize for a custom fit, making it great for kids and adults. #crochet #kerchief #crochetkerchiefpattern #freecrochetpattern #crochetncrafts

Sue Buss
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Pretty Bandana Kerchief Free Crochet Pattern Ideas -

Pretty Bandana Kerchief Free Crochet Pattern Ideas – The Pretty Bandana Kerchief Free Crochet Pattern is so pretty, you will want one in every color! The bandana is perfect for ... Read more

Christine Noll
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How to Crochet Yolanda Head Scarf

Cosmaudi’s crochet bandana is an epitome of femininity and vintage vibes. Filet crochet technique is very versatile, and you can easily use it in crochet accessories. Dainty crochet edging is the perfect finish to this delicate piece. #crochetpattern #crochetbandana #crochetkerchief

Amanda Fehrenbach
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The Best Crochet Items for Spring and Summer Craft Fairs

“The best crochet items for spring and summer craft fairs” I know I’ve Googled this phrase more than once in my time as a crochet seller. How about you? Planning inventory for cold-weather fairs is so easy…people need hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, and holiday gifts, and you can offer them in any multitude of yarn...

Kathryn Allison