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Embark on a culinary adventure and discover the art of cooking with our top ideas. From gourmet recipes to culinary techniques, ignite your passion for food and elevate your skills in the kitchen.
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Located in suburban Meudon-la-Fôret, ten kilometers southwest of downtown Paris, École Ducasse – Paris Campus is an important new training center dedicated to promoting the French culinary arts. It was designed by Arte Charpentier Architectes.From the beginning, the proximity of the vast Meudon Forest very much played a part in forming the architectural response, and we wanted to find some way to echo such a strong natural presence. The project brief further reinforced this idea with its…

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Lesson 5 | Knife Skills | Assignment | BROOKLYN CULINARY ARTS Culinary Techniques, Culinary Arts, Culinary Classes, Cooking Techniques, Cooking Guide, Food Technology, Cookery, Cooking And Baking, Gastronomia

Lesson Progress: ← Back to Module Chef’s Knife The most important and primary knife is called a chef’s knife. It is essential to have a good quality knife, preferably one that has a blade that goes from the tip to the very end, also called a full tang. Here are some great knife choices. Sharpen ...Continue reading »

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