Curly vs straight hair

Discover the pros and cons of curly and straight hair to find the perfect hairstyle that suits your personality. Get inspired with top ideas to embrace your natural texture or try a sleek straight look.
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What's in a hairstyle? Women test reactions to straight vs. curly 'dos

There are two options curly girls face daily: leave your hair natural, or straighten it.For many women, that decision carries a lot of weight — how you wear your hair can say a lot about your personality. So what happens when a woman who normally goes curly tries a straight look for the day, and vice versa?We asked a group of women to change their signature hairstyle for three consecutive days,

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Tips for a great curly haircut - Hair Romance

The secret to good hair every day is a great haircut. Curly hair need a curly haircut. But what is a “curly” haircut exactly? Curly haircuts will enhance your curls. There’s not one type of curl, so there are many variations of a curly cut but they are usually layered, with a rounder shape. The...Read More »

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Celebrities With Naturally Curly Hair You Probably Forgot About

With pressures from Hollywood making everyone reach for the nearest flat iron, it's always a surprise when we see celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez actually wear their hair naturally curly —...

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