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This Dog Has A ‘Human Face’ And It Will Make You More Uncomfortable The Longer You Stare At It | Bored Panda Puppies, Dogs And Puppies, Fur Babies, Pup, Furry Friend, Cute Puppies, Perros, Dog Sitting, Cute Dogs

Meet Yogi, an adorable Shih-tzu dog that is taking the internet by storm. No, he does not have a special talent or anything, but after his first appearance on Reddit, people started noticing something unusual about the way he looks. His face resembles a human! Brown, almond-shaped eyes, the illusion of eyebrows, pinkish lips and a precise haircut are probably the reasons why Yogi gives such an impression.

Anne Johnson
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The funny and silly things we do when we think we aren't being watched! This is a prime example: A man and his dog are sitting on the couch. The man is on his laptop and his faithful friend is by his side... That's when the man's wife grabs the camera and you can see

Kristey Hammond