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Discover a daily servings chart that can help you achieve a balanced diet. Learn how to incorporate the right amount of fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins into your daily meals.
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Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to BFF, B's Food Friday! Healthy eating, fitness and weight loss top the list of many people's personal goals. Incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet will help you achieve all three. One super easy, affordable and delicious way to do this, is by drinking green drinks and smoothies. No

Megan Harter
V e g a n D a d: On Why Veganism is Perfectly Normal Food For Thought, Meal Planning, Whole Food Recipes, Food Charts, Nutrition Information, Health Food, Grain Bread, Nutrition Guide, Group Meals

I'm sure you have heard the very worried question, "where do you get your protein?," anytime you tell someone you are vegan. Perhaps your pediatrician has written "crazy hippy" beside your name on your kid's medical chart, or maybe your grandmother wonders what in the world you eat for Sunday dinner if it isn't pot roast. Yes, everyone is protein obsessed (and not just those on the Atkins diet), but it seems that few people are stewing over the more important question, "am I getting enough…

Davi Lavore