Elevate your fashion game with these dandy style ideas. Discover how to embrace sophistication and charm in your everyday look and make a lasting impression.
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There are coffee table books, and then there are good coffee table books. We Are Dandy (2017), written by Nathaniel Adams with photography by Rose Callahan, is an excellent one. The book features an interesting lifestyle focused approach exploring the wardrobes and lives of Dandies from around the world.

Daniel Abad Restrepo
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The one and only Massimiliano Mocchia di Coggiola. The lure of stories I heard about his style, his home, his grand life, brought me to Paris. What an experience it was! Italian born Massimiliano and his lovely American wife Sorrel gave a warm greeting, and I began to try to take in all the details. Walking into his space I felt the Parisian architecture - the height of the ceiling, the strong sunlight filtering through tall narrow windows, the ornate molding. They talked about how much they…

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