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'Reverse-Flash' Returns In THE FLASH Season 2 Episode 7: "Gorilla Warfare" Marvel Comics, Dc Universe, Dc Comics, Marvel, Dc Heroes, Marvel Vs, Marvel Superheroes, Dc Superheroes, Marvel Dc

He's baaaack! Well, sort of. The first batch of official images from next week's episode of The Flash have been revealed today, and as well as a glimpse at Grodd, we get to see the Reverse-Flash as...part of Team Flash? What's the deal with Harrison Wells? Hit the jump to find out!

Allan Mason
Which Joker Is Your Favorite? I’m Partial To ‘89 Jack Nicholson Dc Comics, Batman, Marvel, Comics, Joker, Joker Makeup, Sanat, Fotos, Joker Art

The more we think about it, the more we realize just how much we like reading guides about… well, about pretty much anything and everything! They’re educational, informative, and fun (in the geekiest of ways). However, you’d be wrong to assume that all guides are equally good. Some of them are created purely for giggles and our amusement. It turns out that we might even love them more than the regular ones.

David Aaron