Decorating with old lanterns ideas

Transform your space with the charm of old lanterns. Discover unique and creative ways to incorporate these vintage treasures into your home decor for a cozy and nostalgic ambiance.
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Hello World! You know how much I love lanterns. I love lanterns so much I thought I would show you my lantern board from Hometalk. There are so many different ways to decorate with lanterns. I clipped all of these ideas on Hometalk. Clipping is very similar to pinning except with clipping you get ... Read More about 25 Simply Stunning Lantern Ideas

Rachel Cradick
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Make Your Own Solar Lantern: Here's an easy project you can do in a few hours converting an old Kerosene Lantern into a Solar Lantern featuring a red glowing ambient effect. Materials: Old Kerosene Lantern 1 High Brightness Red LED Bubble Wrap 1 Solar Lawn Light

Carla Gray
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Show of hands: who else works on gardening projects over the holiday weekend? I live in Michigan, so it’s usually the first (safe) chance I get for outdoor gardening. We’ll be fixing up the deck and working on the yard, and adding some fun ideas I’ve been collecting this winter. So, I thought that a...

Ana Maria Oliveira