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Architectural Ideas for Repurposing Oil rigs Architecture, Decoration, Concept Design, Diagram Architecture, Concept Architecture, Architecture Model, Design Competitions, Architecture Concept Drawings, Architecture Drawing

A museum park and factory island that sustain itself and provide a space for learning about the life cycle of salt, the importance of water, and the significance of renewable versus non renewable energy. We explore the potential of using salt as a material to slowing transform the rig into a human habitat and later an extension of the proximate water. # Concept Architecture Competition # Urban Design Competition

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With this text, we continue series of articles on We will be showcasing the case studies of the projects that were awarded in various architecture competitions. The main focus of this series is to understand the design process behind all winning submissions. That is why we will be asking all architects and designers ‘

Anna Miezīte
Designing Tropical Retreats- A holistic Approach Architecture, Studio, Eco Resort Architecture, Tropical Resort Design, Eco Architecture, Forest Resort, Urban Forest Design, Landscape Architecture Design, Landscape Design Competition

This tropical retreat is an exploration of possibilities where people live in harmony with nature. By learning from the nature in place and the indigenous wisdom, our design emerges from and honors native context, becoming part of it, like trees in a forest, leaving a more regenerative footprint. # Concept Architecture Competition # Urban Design Competition # Urban Planning Competition

UNI Architecture competition
Urban, Diagram Architecture, Concept Architecture, Architecture Mapping, Architecture Design Sketch, Architecture Design Concept, Architecture Design, Architect Design, Architecture Design Competition

TerraViva announces the results of “The Cuban Square” competition TerraViva has officially released the complete list of awarded projects of the design contest “The Cuban Square”. The goal of this competition is to explore the potentialities of Plaza de la Revolución (Havana, Cuba), in order to come up with a design proposal capable of giving

Ze Xing
Project by Ka Chun (Tom) Chan – Honorable Mention in AI + Biomimicry Competition organized by NEA Competitions! #NEA #AIBiomimicry #winners #results #architecture #architecturecompetition #architecturestudent #competition #architectureproject #youngarchitects #archdaily #competitionsarchi #architectureboards #projectboards Architecture, Site Analysis Architecture, Architectural Thesis, Innovative Architecture, Architecture Presentation Board, Concept Board Architecture, Concept Architecture, Architecture Design Presentation, Architecture Design Concept

Project by Ka Chun (Tom) Chan – Honorable Mention in AI + Biomimicry Competition organized by NEA Competitions! #NEA #AIBiomimicry #winners #results #architecture #architecturecompetition #architecturestudent #competition #architectureproject #youngarchitects #archdaily #competitionsarchi #architectureboards #projectboards

Sylvia Castellanos