Dinosaur fossils

Unearth the wonders of dinosaur fossils and explore the incredible world of these ancient creatures. Learn about the latest discoveries and embark on a journey through time.
https://flic.kr/p/cvYk3o | ~Fossil Dinosaur-Archaeopteryx lithographica~ | From the Solnhofen Limestone Formation, Germany, Late Jurassic. Archaeopteryx, meaning Fossil Art, Feathered Dinosaurs, History Of Earth, Flight Feathers, Berlin Museum, Dinosaur Fossil, Dinosaur Tattoos, Lino Art, Modern Birds

From the Solnhofen Limestone Formation, Germany, Late Jurassic. Archaeopteryx, meaning "Ancient Wing," was discovered in 1859. Perhaps the most famous fossils in the world, ten skeleton specimens are now known, some amazingly well preserved. Like modern birds, Archaeopteryx had long wing and tail feathers, and has been regarded as the first bird. We now know that complex feathers and other birdlike features were widespread among the meat-eating dinosaurs known as maniraptorans. While…

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Do you study dinosaurs with your students? I am blown away by the level of engagement when studying dinosaurs! My 3 year old son is absolutely OBSESSED with dinosaurs right now. He plays with dinosaurs, wants a dinosaur birthday party, makes dino sounds… If you can think it, he probably does it!

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While the idea of a museum sounds boring to some, the idea of a bunch of bones and fossils from the dinosaur era is a whole different story. And it’s not just dinosaur bones, mind you—it’s actually fossils of all sorts of species that said “no, thanks” to the natural order of things and decided to preserve themselves for many years in such ways that nowadays, people who look at them are like “that’s awesome!”

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