Disney painted shoes

Show off your love for Disney with these creative painted shoes. Discover unique designs and ideas to customize your own Disney-inspired footwear.
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I have eagerly been preparing for our trip to Disney World in January. Being a bit of a dork and having done the college program, I have been feverishly making all kinds of personalized goods for the vacation! I had been inspired by seeing other photos of painted shoes on Etsy (just search painted shoes). I began with a cheapie pair of knock off Keds from target ($17) because I was not too confident in my abilities for this project and didn't want to waste money on a nicer pair of Vans or…

Mary Wilson
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Hello there! Thank you for checking out my shop, I am so excited to share these amazing shoes with you! I wanted to try a different design than what I have done in the past and these Toy Story-themed shoes are the result of expanding my creations! Made with acrylic paint on canvas shoes and coated with a protective spray to help them last longer! Please let me know if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Sarah Kosmalski