Disney sketches

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Disney with captivating sketches. Discover the beauty of hand-drawn art and relive your favorite Disney moments through these mesmerizing sketches.
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The Power of Vintage Disney

Walt Disney's animation studio didn't invent character animation, but it elevated it to unimaginable artistic heights. Here are a few random thoughts that help illustrate just WHY this studio was the industry's leader: APPEAL You can't take your eyes off classic Disney characters. There is a visual magnetism in this Timothy drawing. You want to look at him, you want to get to know him. RESEARCH TRAVELS They realized that by studying local folklore on site gave the films great authenticity…

Erika Schiavone
alice in bottle | Drink Me Alice in Wonderland Ornament - Product Image #2 - Sketch ... Disney, Alice In Wonderland

''Drink Me'' Alice in Wonderland Ornament - Product Image #2 - Sketch

''Drink Me'' Alice in Wonderland Ornament Description from the Disney Store US website: ''Drink Me'' Alice in Wonderland Ornament Item No. 6434048302634P Our Price: $10.50 When Alice's curiosity got the better of her, she was reduced to a tiny size and fell into a bottle marked ''Drink Me." For now, her dilemma is your delight as she'll hang on your holiday tree as this wondrous Alice Ornament until a solution is found. Product Details •Fully sculptured figural ornament •Hand painted…

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