Diy bathtub

Transform your bathroom with these creative DIY bathtub ideas. Enhance your relaxation and create a spa-like experience at home with these easy and affordable projects.

Learn How to Build a Wood Bathtub from Scratch

Do you think building your own DIY wood bathtub is too hard? Think again. This step-by-step guide will show you how to choose the best wood, sealant, and tools for this project, and how to cut, measure, and smooth the wood pieces. You will also learn how to make the base, rim, and paneling of your wooden tub, and how to install the drain and faucet holder. Click to read more and give it a try! #WoodBathtubDIY #WoodworkingFun #BathroomDIY

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How to Build a DIY Concrete Freestanding Bathtub- It's Cheap

Want to know how you can build a concrete bathtub on your own? This post offers a step-by-step guide with all the valuable tips and solutions. Building a concrete bathtub is a project that requires careful work, but it is possible to make this type of bathtub alone. Proper water hygiene is a must. But… Read More »How to Build a DIY Concrete Freestanding Bathtub- It’s Cheap

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How to Waterproof Concrete Showers and Tubs - Concrete Decor

Installing concrete baths and showers requires a different type of preparation and construction than counters or sinks. Decorative concrete contractors should know the specifics before they begin this type of project.

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