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Engage your kids in creative activities with these fun and easy DIY ideas. Let their imagination soar as they create unique crafts and projects that they'll be proud of.
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How to Make Moon Sand

This moon sand recipe is so easy to make! With only two ingredients, you'll be playing with this soft and sensory sand within minutes. Moon Sand This moon sand recipe is so much fun. The texture is soft and crumbly, but it also molds really well into different shapes. The kids thought it was the best thing ever! I've tested different kinetic sand recipes before (like this kinetic sand, this moldable play sand and this foam sand), but this one was BY FAR the best. And with only 2 ingredients…

Taylor Day
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DIY String Spinner Toy

It's so fun to make a DIY spinner toy! These spinner toys are so bright and colourful, and they're so cool to play with! Watch the colours combine as the string spinner whirls through the air. This is such an easy craft to make, especially when you download our free spinner templates (find the links below!). Decorate and colour your spinner disc however you'd like, and create hours of fun for mere pennies! This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may…

Valerie Saxton
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Easy Oobleck Stress Ball

This oobleck stress ball feels SO COOL! We had a great time learning how to make oobleck last year, and this stress ball version offers all the fun without the mess. Simply fill a balloon with cornstarch and water to make this DIY craft that's great for relieving tension! When you squeeze the ball hard, the oobleck stress ball feels a bit similar to a flour stress ball. But if you gently poke at it or let it sit in your hand you can really experience the unique oobleck texture. It's such a…

Christine Little
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Sugar and Glue Crystals / Geodes

Sugar and Glue Crystals / Geodes: Hey guys! Today I'll show you how to make geodes or crystals using sugar and glue. No borax or epsom salt is needed and you don't have to wait for the crystals to grow, you just shape them however you want :) Make them in all the colors of the rain…

Kellie-Ann Nevin
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Beaded DIY Wind Chimes

These DIY wind chimes are so beautiful and they sound so cheerful ringing in the breeze. Made from a few simple supplies, this summer craft is really easy to make! DIY Wind Chimes Beaded wind chimes are such a beautiful decoration for your porch, patio, or gazebo. They're perfect for placing in the garden and make a lovely gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, or a summer birthday. I love the soft clinking sound of the beads brushing against each other and the subtle chime of the bells when…

kelly cortez
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When all is gray and cold, colourful tweetybirds will brighten your day. ⁠
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Snöflingor I Papper

Hobby | Crafting | DIY | Creativity on Instagram: "DIY Spring Birds from toilet rolls!⁠ When all is gray and cold, colourful tweetybirds will brighten your day. ⁠ ⁠ 👉 Want more DIY? Check out Link in bio.⁠ ________________________⁠ ⁠ #panduromyway⁠ ________________________⁠ ⁠ #diy #diylove #doityourself #crafting #diyinspiration #diyinspo #creative #makersgonnamake #lovediy #craft #craftinspo⁠ #creativekids #kidscraft #diykids #kidsdiy #learnandcreate…

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