Diy porch columns wraps

Enhance the curb appeal of your home with DIY porch column wraps. Learn how to easily transform your plain columns into stylish focal points that will impress your guests. Get inspired and start your project today!
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When we first built our house, we used pvc porch column wrapping from a box store that were undersized for the space and had awkwardly proportioned top and bottom trim. The column wraps were not the worst but they always felt too skinny and gangly, like a bunch of gawky teenagers holding up our porch

Diane Russell
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Update your home's exterior by wrapping front porch columns with wood. Here's step by step how to wrap front porch posts to enhance your home's curb appeal.

Robin Simmons
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Ah, the 1970’s. Seems like it was a great time. But can we all collectively agree that maybe our homes should change a little bit in the, ya know, 50 years since the 70s? Lots of people on TikTok did NOT agree, but here we go anyway. This project was done on my friend Jana’s

Lindsey Schanke
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There are certain aspects of original vintage home charm that I love, love, love…and other elements…um, not so much. Glass door knobs, YES! Original wavy glass windows, YES! Original cr…

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