Diy wand wicca

Discover how to create your own magical wand with these easy DIY crafts. Enhance your wiccan practices and manifest your intentions with a personalized wand made with love and intention.
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How to Make and Consecrate your Witch’s Wand

Magic wands are a very personal tool and have a long history in Witchcraft. Their popularity rose with Wiccan ceremonial Magic, but we can trace their roots to the reindeer people of Central Asia and Siberia. Originally, shamans used wands to beat their drums during healing and religious ceremonies. Similar wands have been found in...

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Two Easy Ways to Make a Magic Wand

If you are like me and anxiously waited for your Hogwarts letter to arrive for most of your childhood then this wand DIY is for you. With just a couple of supplies you can have your own realistic, magic wand. Of course wands can exist in any magical realm so feel free to roam far and wide when sourc

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