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Create a cozy and fun playtime environment for your little one with these adorable doll crib ideas. Find the perfect crib design to make their dolls feel right at home.
White Baby Doll Cradle Furniture by Sophia's, Open Sides & Heart Cutout Design Plus Doll Bedding Set, Fits American Girl Bitty Baby Dolls and More! Perfect Baby Doll Crib/ Cradle Baby Doll Cradle, Baby Doll Crib, Rocking Cradle, Baby Doll Bed, Polka Dot Bedding, Doll Bedding, Doll Cradle, Doll Crib, Baby Doll Toys

BEDDING INCLUDED: Your doll will sleep comfortably on a pink polka-dot pillow and mattress FINE DETAILS: Elegantly scalloped details and safe, rounded edges, smooth rocking base OLD-FASHIONED: Vintage touches like floral heart cut-outs on the headboard, footboard SIZED FOR 15 INCH DOLLS: Dimensions - 20.12 in. L x 12.01 in. W x 14.25 in. H DIMENSIONS: 20.12" L x 12.01" W x 14.25" H

Angi Yagu
The Chronicles of Home: {DIY} Doll Crib- trying to decide if I could actually make this for E for Christmad Diy Doll Crib, Diy Baby Doll Accessories, Baby Doll Crib, Baby Doll Furniture, Wooden Cribs, Baby Doll Bed, Doll Crib, Baby Doll Accessories, Doll Beds

Scott and I gave Ada and Ellie each one “big” gift for Christmas this year. Ada’s gift was a bike – which, incidentally, she insists she needs to be five years old to ride and hasn’t gone near since Christmas morning – and Ellie’s was this wooden crib I made for her dolls. She’s...Read More »

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DISCLAIMER: I just want to state the OBVIOUS....this crib is NOT INTENDED, in any way, to be used for the care of a HUMAN child!!!! Please don't put a baby or child into this crib! It is only intended to be used as a TOY for children to PLAY WITH!!! The Baby Doll Crib is finally built, just not "finished"! In my effort to get this plan out to you before Christmas, I have simply built it and not filled holes, sanded, or finished the crib. Please excuse the mess! SHOPPING LIST: (You may have…

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