Easy scarf knitting patterns

Discover easy knitting patterns to create cozy and stylish scarves. Start your knitting journey with these beginner-friendly patterns and stay warm in style.
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The winter season is a perfect time to get cozy with your knitting needles and create some scarves. Whether you're new to this skill or have been knitting for years, these 10 FREE easy scarf knitting patterns will keep you warm all winter long! Projects include simple garter stitch (knit every row

Leslie Hatton
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Have you been into the shop lately? I only ask because if you have you've seen me all bundled up while my mom is in t-shirts. I'm cold. All the time. I blame the fact that I sit down at the computer and click through ravelry all day (my next pattern is going to be for a mouse glove to cover up my cold mouse-clicking hand). And by "click through ravelry all day" I mean... updating the website and answering store email. If I were smart, I'd get my butt out of my seat and warm up a bit! OR I'd…