Echo park

Discover the hidden gems of Echo Park with our curated list of top ideas and things to do. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and unique experiences this neighborhood has to offer.
Echo Park Lake Bridge, Los Angeles, CA. I dreamt of this place once before I even know it existed.. Los Angeles, Outdoor, Echo Park, Cali, Trips, Echo Park Lake, California Dreamin', California Dreaming, Lake

I’m getting a bit tired of food posts. So I’ve decided to showcase what I consider some of the hidden gems of Los Angeles. And I couldn’t think of a better person to explore with me than Kelli of Layers Los Angeles. Kelli is familiar with Echo Park Lake, but had never explored the area. I was thrilled to […]

Heidi Degener Lauterbach
Echo Park stairways, Avalon East Los Angeles, Angeles, Echo Park, Echo Park Lake, Los Angeles Parks, California Dreaming, Los Angeles City, California Love, Los Angeles Area

There are many hidden stair cases in Los Angeles. After going on many stairs walk with many other groups, I have developed my own routes, so that most of the route goes up stair cases. This blog will include pictures of the staircases, both top and bottom, of staircases in the LA area. The first street listed for a staircase is where the stairs go up.

Maria Wagner