Educational garden ideas

Transform your outdoor space into an educational wonderland with these creative garden ideas for kids. Inspire curiosity and learning while having fun in the garden.
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I went to Wollongong Botanical Gardens today. It was absolutely beautiful and I couldn't stop smiling after walking through those big steel gates! I went for a 'quick 30-minute walk' for my daily exercise, and

Jenny Buelin
“Doing something like this by yourself would be really hard. Don’t be afraid to reach out and look for those grants and fundraising opportunities. If we wouldn’t have looked for it, had we not been willing to take the risk, we wouldn’t have the opportunity.” Community Park Ideas, Outdoor School Design, School Outdoor Design, Community Gardens Ideas, School Garden Aesthetic, Outdoor Community Space, Outdoor Science Lab, School Garden Ideas, School Garden Design

What do you do with a low-income school, a few donated garden boxes, and no funding for plants or supplies? To this question, teachers Debbie Rutledge-Lockyear and Janet White’s response was confident. You make it work. When they received the garden boxes, the teachers began dreaming of creating a community garden where they could give their […]

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