Edwardian costumes

Step back in time with our collection of elegant Edwardian costumes. Discover top ideas for creating a timeless look that will transport you to the Edwardian era.
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Discover the captivating world of Edwardian blouses. From their delicate details to graceful silhouettes, explore the history, styling options, and modern influence of these timeless fashion pieces. Step into the realm of bygone eras and embrace the elegance of Edwardian blouses in your wardrobe.

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The Edwardian era saw the rise of ready-to-wear clothes, was the height of the Belle Époque, and saw the influence on fashion of the suffragettes and dress reform reach its conclusion. As the Edwar…

Michelle Evans

Edwardian set, Wool suit women Waistcoat and trouser, Victorian suit, bloomers, Victorian vest, Edwardian pants and vest, Bicycle set, 1900' costume. Want to become a vintage scandal? Here you go! Scandalous pants from the late 19th century best for cycling and mountain trips. The vest is buttoned, following the original 1890-1905 pattern, with a belt at the back to adjust the waist. Pants bloomers fastened with handmade buttons. Thin cotton lining always white in the vest. Choose your…