Edwin lutyens

Discover the innovative designs and timeless creations of Edwin Lutyens, one of the greatest architects in history. Immerse yourself in his iconic structures and be inspired by his visionary approach to architecture.
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Castle Drogo sits atop its perch in Dartmoor, Devon, one of the National Trust's most striking articles. In the first of two articles on Castle Drogo's history, Clive Aslet reveals how a fascination with ancestry encouraged a wealthy Edwardian businessman to enlist the help of Sir Edwin Lutyens to build a new castle. Main image by Robert Harding; other photographs by Dylan Thomas for Country Life.

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Explore the enduring legacy of Sir Edwin Lutyens, a titan in the field of architecture, through a comprehensive review of "The Architecture of Sir Edwin Lutyens: Volume 2." This article delves into Lutyens' versatile contributions, from iconic domestic structures to monumental civic works, encapsulating his mastery in blending traditionalism with modernity. Ideal for architects, scholars, and enthusiasts, the article serves as an indispensable guide to understanding the transformative power…

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