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Discover unique and creative egg basket ideas to store and display your eggs. Upgrade your kitchen with these eggcellent storage solutions.
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Honey Yogurt Mousse With Raspberry Coulis & Shortbread Cookies - Tartelette

Time flies. Let’s face it, the only time when it doesn’t is when we twirl our thumbs. And even then, I have seen people twirl they thumbs long enough to realize how time flew by – along with life – as they were doing so. The only thing I’ve twirled this week were my hair…

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Bakers Dozen Egg cellent Collecting Basket - Etsy

This wonderful basket is great for collecting eggs in your coop. It helps keep them separated and decreases cracked eggs. It holds a baker's dozen (13). It will fit turkey eggs, duck eggs and chicken eggs. It is made with 100% cotton yarn and is machine washable and dryable. There are more colors available than in this listing, please visit my shop to see other colors. *Crafted in a smoke-free home. Refund/Return Policy All refunds/returns/exchanges for crocheted work, jewelry, chicken…

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A Tisket a Tasket an Egg Collecting Basket!

It's Easter and I made an egg basket! Well, I made an egg basket and then Easter happened. The two events only coincided accidentally. Here's the son and his girlfriend have a flock. Of chickens! And they lay lots of eggs that need to be collected. (the chickens, not my son and his GF.) "Girlfriend's" birthday is at the end of March. I always struggle with what to do for GF's. I love them, but they are not easy to gift. I worry about being too personal, or not personal enough, or…

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4 Chickens That Lay Beautiful Green Eggs (My Favorites!)

Inside: A look at some of the most popular chicken breeds that lay green eggs, and my personal recommendations. When you buy eggs at the store, they're usually white. This is because the most productive breeds lay white eggs, and at big egg farms, it's all bout productivity. For a little extra, you can buy

Bakers Dozen Egg Basket! Egg baskets are great for collecting eggs and storing fresh eggs on the counter. Each basket can hold 13 eggs nice and snug. The baskets are machine washable and dryable. These are custom ordered with any colors that you would like. Please put down your primary color and Homestead Sewing, Egg Collecting Basket, Crochet Hen, Chicken Board, Collecting Eggs, Crochet Chicken, Building A Chicken Coop, Step By Step Crochet, Crochet Tips

Bakers Dozen Egg Basket, Farmers Tool, Chicken Lovers, Choose Your Colors - Etsy

Have you ever wanted home decor that is actually able to be used? These Baker Dozen Egg Baskets are great for collecting eggs and storing fresh eggs on the counter while adding some great decor to your kitchen. Carry and store up to 13 eggs in their own little cozy pockets to risk damaging your chicken butt nuggets. The bottom is actually a double thickness with plastic sandwiched in between the 2 layers giving the basket extra durability so that it will not fold in on itself when you are…

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