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Get inspired with these innovative electronic project ideas that will ignite your imagination. Explore top ideas to create your own electronic masterpieces and bring your ideas to life.
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Simple Electronic Piano

Simple Electronic Piano: Electronics can make sounds very easily with just a handful of parts. Here's how to make a simple piano using a 555 timer. I designed and tested this circuit using Tinkercad, and then built the real thing. Here's everything you'll need: …

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Make a PoV Display With ATtiny13 for $1

Make a PoV Display With ATtiny13 for $1: I was browsing through AliExpress sometime back and this particular listing caught my attention. 5 Pcs of ATtiny13 microcontrollers for ₹124, that's like $1.5. That's like $0.3 (₹25) per MCU. Isn't that amazing, a programmable microcontroller! for ₹…

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Electronic DIY Project for Your Lover - Tutorial45

SIMPLE is always the best when you are learning. Talking of simple, today, we are building something impressive using this beginner DIY kit. This kit will actually help a lot in sharpening your soldering skill and will also help you understand electronic better. Should I say this project is a great one for beginner and ... Read more

Check around you area for electronic recycling centers. These businesses take electronic equipment from companies and take responsibility for bring the material into the recycling stream. Diy Electronics Hacks, Computer Projects, Diy Tech, Diy Gadgets, Electronics Basics, Electronic Circuit Projects, Electronics Mini Projects, Diy Electrical, Electrical Projects

Harvesting Electronic Components

Harvesting Electronic Components: With stores like Radio Shack disappearing, it is getting hard to find simple electronic components. The web, particularly eBay, has been a great help, but shipping can get costly. Consumer electronics, like VCRs and Microwave Ovens can be a sourc…

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IR Proximity Sensor

How to Make a IR Proximity Sensor at Home: In this Instructable I show you how to make a simple infrared sensor for hobby projects and to learn how an infrared sensor works. I used an infrared sensor with one of my previous Instructables (the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser) but I didn't …

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