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Explore a collection of captivating Elvis Presley images that showcase the iconic legend. Discover rare and unseen photos of the King of Rock 'n' Roll, capturing his charisma and musical genius.
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25 Most Handsome Elvis Presley Photos – Elvis Presley

In this curated collection of 25 handsome Elvis Presley photos, the essence of his magnetic charm and undeniable charisma comes to life. Each image is a testament to the King of Rock and Roll’s striking good looks and timeless appeal. From his signature smoldering gaze to his iconic hairstyles and impeccably tailored outfits, these photos […] More

Jan Wallace
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Elvis Found Alive!

Why can't the mainstream media pick up a really good story? When all the best stuff comes out, we're often left to rely on documentary films to tell us the whole (real?) story. Such is the case with the return of Elvis "The King" Presley. Documentary film producer, Joel Gilbert, brings us the story and is reviewed by my wife, HERE. Accompanying the DVD was a recently released "Comeback" album from Elvis himself. The CD includes some fresh covers of some of Elvis's most poplar tunes and rock…

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