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Explore cutting-edge energy storage solutions that are revolutionizing the way we power our world. Discover how these innovative technologies can help create a more sustainable future for generations to come.
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In the depths of the deep freeze late last month, nearly every power plant in the Eastern and Central U.S. that could run was running. Energy analysts saw a useful experiment in that week of extreme cold: What would have happened, they asked, if the power grid had relied exclusively on renewable energy—just how much […]

Mauricio Villanueva
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We just pulled down an article about vanadium flow batteries versus lithium-ion batteries for long-duration energy storage because Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded, "This article is wildly incorrect about lithium battery costs by a factor of 5 or more presently & 10X long-term." However, that raised more questions than answers for me, and I now have some extra details from Elon regarding Tesla energy storage pricing, including information that I don't think was previously public.

Eric Baenen