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You have here a gramar test for your students. They complete the sentences with the correct tense of verbs in brackets. There is a variety of verbal tenses. Thanks. - ESL worksheets

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The objective of this test is to help the teacher and learners identify problems that they have with the language. In-depth evaluation with a relatively narrow scope of analysis, aimed at identification of a specific condition or problem. - ESL worksheets

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Hi there, This is a test made by ourselves and based on file 7 of English FIle Elementary fourth edition. It includes: -GRAMMAR: past simple (to be, regular & irregular verbs)-WRITING: writing about a past celebration-VOCABULARY: word formation (-ist, -or, er, -cian); go, have, get-READINGFor students, you can send your test to us at practise.english.exercises@gmail.com to get corrections and feedback.If you are a teacher, you can email us at practise.english.exercises@gmail.com to get the…