Facts about ireland

Explore the fascinating world of Ireland through these amazing facts. Learn about the vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and storied history that make Ireland a must-visit destination.
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The History of Computing Infographic To celebrate the return of our Future of Computing in Schools Conference 2015, we have developed an infographic showing how the world of computing has changed over the decades. Print it and pin it up in your staffroom, share it with your colleagues and reflect on how we’ve gone from […]

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How much do you think you know about Ireland? Add to your knowledge with these 10 facts you didn’t know about Ireland! | #IrishFacts #IrelandTravel #Travel Fun Facts About Ireland, Facts About Ireland, Ireland Facts, Ireland Culture, Irish Castles, Irish Language, Irish People, Bizarre Facts, Facts You Didnt Know

People around the world and Irish people themselves have many assumptions about Ireland, many of which are (believe it or not) wrong! Here is a list of facts about Ireland that will make you question everything you know about the Emerald Isle!