Family tree artwork

Celebrate your family's history with unique and creative family tree artwork. Discover stunning ideas to showcase your heritage and create a meaningful centerpiece for your home.
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Tailor-made ketubah and ceremonial announcements made in USA. Modernish Painted Ketubah and Ancestry trees, embellishments of Gold and Silver, Papercut and Woodcut, Hand Calligraphy, Wedding Gifts and Invitations, custom Heirlooms to be displayed as centerpieces in your home for generations.

Mariya Smirnova
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A colorful watercolored family tree! Inspired to create a family heirloom for generations to cherish your families geneology and special heritage. Each one is unique and one of a kind. After ordering, you can e-mail me the names and order of your family ancestry and I will put it together in a beautiful custom family tree illustration. Options to consider: - Can be ordered with or without the family names on the trunk. - Include just your immediate family, grandparents or even up to great…

Luka Shelia
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Come this Saturday, three of my sisters will have married within seven months (!), and each celebration has served as a lovely way to reconnect with extended family. Which has prompted me to revisit my life list item about creating a family tree. Why? Because I've always found my family history (wit

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