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Final for fun artwork "Fantasy is now" I tried to make art fun and interesting. There are many references to LOTR. I hope you will like it )) Thanks to everyone who followed the creation process on YouTube (unfortunately, for some reason I could not attach a single link). So just a link to the channel here. Welcome to Instagram: @sart.tony and VK:

Brian Robbins
Dark Fantasy, Steampunk, Wonderland, Fantasy Artwork, Fantasy World, Fantasy Landscape, Fantasy City, Fantasy Story, Fantasy Places

*Edit* This piece got featured on 80 LVL! The page has more images on my process and feelings on the project. Feel free to check out the article here: My first try at a larger scale environment scene that took place over the span of two months. This project was based off a concept done by Pierre Fabre ( I am super…

عالم الابداعات
The Deep Ones, on ArtStation at Dark Fantasy, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy Artwork, Art, Creature Artwork, Fantasy Creatures Art, Cthulhu Mythos, Lovecraftian Horror, Creature Art

In Lovecraft's lore, deep ones are monstrous aquatic creatures with a humanoid-fish hybrid appearance. They dwell in the depths of the oceans, possess a collective intelligence, and worship ancient deities like Cthulhu. Deep ones are hostile towards humans, and known for abducting them for dark purposes. Their eerie presence induces fear and madness in those who encounter them.

Brandon Boros