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Transmigrated as the Terminally ill Cannon Fodder Prince [BL] - Character Profiles

I was an average otaku guy. I spent my days reading manga and playing otome games. I was happy, that is, until one day when I was walking home from school, I was hit by Truck-kun! When I died, I met a goddess who told me that I died by accident and thus she will transmigrate me in a fantasy world as the hero where I will have my own harem of 300 women! But this is not what I expected! Where was my harem of 300 women? And most importantly, why did I get transmigrated in the otome game that I…


MOONS Moon&nbs-鹤相欢

MOONS Moon Ryan 他们捕捉、敲凿、打磨月亮。 月亮在画纸上,在圣诞夜的窗口,在少年的发间。吟游诗人拨弄他的琴弦,向天边的圆月问起水中的月光。 少年和风和树木,都明白月亮不会说谎。 之前有幸受邀为《印象·少年》绘制的一套,因为说起少年,就选择了追逐月光的这两个孩子。 补上了同系列的另外两张,感谢阅读他们的故事(›´ω`‹ )。