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Boost your metabolism with these delicious and healthy recipes. Discover mouthwatering dishes that will help you achieve your weight loss goals and feel energized throughout the day.
Everything You Need to Know Before Doing The Fast Metabolism Diet ... great prep list and insight!

Last month I did The Fast Metabolism Diet, a 28-day meal plan that promises up to 20 lbs. of weight loss. The premise is that by eating certain foods in phases, one can reset their metabolism, undoing years of damage caused by processed foods, caffeine and alcohol. And yes that is a hint: you can't have processed food, caffeine or alcohol during the diet. Cheese, soy, corn anything, refined sugar and wheat are also off the list. So why would I do this to myself? One word: Coachella. We leave…

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Hello and Happy New Year! My New Year’s resolution is all about getting healthier. After doing some research and reading, I decided to try the 28 day Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy. It’s medically sound, and many people have gotten off major medications and lost weight just by healing their metabolism on this diet. […]

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Haylie Pomroy Fast Metabolism Diet Phase 2 Meal Plan | What I eat in a day during this most challenging part of the diet (for me, at least).

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Doing the Fast Metabolism Diet with Me – Week 1 (Updated Daily) – PetiteVie

For more information on the Fast Metabolism Diet, please visit my earlier post HERE. For those looking for my Week 2 Meal Plan, please visit HERE. T-3 days... A huge part of surviving this diet is to have a plan. To make planning easier, the book recommends Week 1 and Week 3; and Week 2 and Week 4 to be the same respectively. In the past to save time and effort, I would even have the same meals on days within the same phase (i.e. Monday and Tuesday menus are the same) and just change the…