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Discover the must-have fencing tools that every DIY enthusiast needs. From post hole diggers to wire cutters, find the right tools to build your dream fence.
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How to Tie High Tensile Fencing Wire the Really Easy Way - No Tools.: Hello Instructablers, High tensile wire can be a real pain in the neck to handle. The first time I had to do some fencing with it I made an absolute mess of the job, and lost a bit of skin along the way. I guess I was lucky not to lose an eye. When …

Bryan Jacques
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As with most projects, progress on the new fence is taking longer than we'd hoped. By the end of Dan's vacation, we (he mostly) had all the corner and bracing posts in, and all the h-braces built. His vacation ended with one short trip out, and then a full day at home before leaving again. We spent that day stretching the first part of the fence. I'm going to show you how we've been doing it, but I also wanted to share the method that Laura (Polymath Chronicles) left in the comments of my…

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