First aid kit for camping

Be prepared for any camping emergency with an essential first aid kit. Discover top ideas to keep you and your loved ones safe during your outdoor adventures.
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15 Essential Items For A Camping First Aid Kit

If you are planing a trip into the great outdoors for some camping, having a first aid kit with you is essential. Not only will a great first aid kit help you with injuries that commonly occur while out camping, but it can keep you prepared for survival situations that might arise while you are

Nedra Bingham
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DIY Dollar Store First Aid Kits

Yesterday I took a look at our calendar and realized we would be attending a wedding every weekend this month! That is right, it's wedding season and this time around I am getting creative yet practical. I am making first aid kits. To start out with I thought I would buy enough to make 4 comprehensive kits. Step Number One: Print yourself a good old fashioned list of contents. There is a nice list put out by the American Red Cross here. The only things I did not include in my kits were the…

Jenn Bourne
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DIY First Aid Kit

When I was a senior in college (almost 4 years ago!?), I took the course “CPR & First Aid”. As the final project for the class, we had to create a comprehensive first aid kit. We were given a list of items that were required to be part of it and were told to add...Read More »

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