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Discover the must-have fishing tools that every angler needs to have a successful fishing trip. From rods and reels to bait and tackle, find out what tools you need to catch the big one.
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These three print ads from BBDO's Moscow office remind me of 'old-school' advertising. One actually has to spend some time looking at the ad to appreciate it. That's right... takes more than 2 seconds to actually 'get them.' While some critics will complain that the ads do not uniquely brand Bering enough (the ol "you could place any canned seafood brand at the bottom of the ad"), I don't buy this statement. When it comes to most packaged goods, unless you have a recognizable spokesman or a…

Andrew Visum
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I think you'll agree there's nothing more frustrating than "the one that got away" especially when the line breaks! But have you ever wondered what happened to that fish? Can that fish hook dissolve in its mouth? Does it survive? Well you might be surprised to know that

Eric Brady