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Discover the secrets of becoming a successful flower farmer and learn how to cultivate a blooming business. Start your journey in the world of flowers and turn your passion into profit.
Connecting with Nature and Giving Back with Flower Farmer Misha Gillingham - The Flowering Farmhouse Design, Gillingham Fc, Flowers, Girl, Create, Flower, Garden Girls, To Create, Flower Farmer

In Episode 7 of The Backyard Bouquet Podcast, guest Misha Gillingham shares her evolution from novice to expert flower farmer and garden designer. Starting with a small, pre-established garden, Misha expanded her knowledge through trial and error, emphasizing the importance of starting small and organic gardening. She integrates design elements and community spirit into her work, encouraging others to embrace local, sustainable practices and contribute to their communities.

You don't need a field in bloom to sell your flowers (business startup) — Sierra Flower Farm Architecture, Seed Starting, Succession Planting, Gardening Tips, Field, Homesteading, Flower Farm, Growing, Homestead

What?! What does this even mean?! Obviously you need flowers in your field to sell flowers right? Right. But… you just said I didn’t? You don’t. Huh? You can sell flowers before your field is blooming, even as a first year flower farmer. If you want to treat your flower

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10 Tried and True Cut Flowers for Your Garden — Lynsey Taulbee Ideas, Gardening, Summer, Growing Cut Flowers, Cut Flower Farm, Cut Flower Garden, Easiest Flowers To Grow, Growing Seeds, Flower Garden Plans

Ready to grow your own cut flowers? Discover 10 easy-to-grow and high-yield flowers that are perfect for beginners. From sunflowers to basil, find the perfect types that will produce beautiful blooms all summer long. Start your journey to a beautiful garden today with these tried and true cut flower

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