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Indulge your love for food and film with these must-watch food films. Get ready to be inspired and tantalized by delicious dishes and captivating stories about the culinary world.

Ryan Szulc is a Toronto based commercial photographer specializing in food photography. Ryan has created award winning photography for many of Canada's top brands including Tim Horton's, Freshii, Boston Pizza, McDonald's, Campbell's and many others. He has also photographed over 50 cookbooks and shot for many of Canada's best known publications such as Chatelaine, Canadian Living, Toronto Life

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This is a project recipe, to be sure. But the result? An impressive, delectable mountain of perfectly cooked pasta, tender meatballs, egg and salami, swathed in a rich ragu and folded all together in a lissome dough. It is an excavation to eat this, and one to be undertaken slowly, carefully, so as to catch every prism of flavor. The vivid compliments given to this in the film “Big Night” are unrepeatable here, but we are sure you’ll find some choice adjectives of your own. (The New York…

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Don’t have any weekend plans? Now you do. Stay inside, blast the AC, make a whole bunch of snacks, and watch these food-centric films, series, and documentaries on Netflix. From a documentary on the man behind General Tso’s chicken to a heart-warmer like Chef, you have plenty of options to choose from. Go ahead and cross these off your summer bucket list. We did a post on what to stream on Netflix last year, and we wanted to explore the newer options that have since been released.

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