Fractions of a set activities

Make learning fractions of a set fun with these engaging activities. Discover hands-on ways to help students grasp the concept of fractions and improve their math skills.
Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: First to 50 (Fractions of Groups Game). FREE download! Math Games Upper Elementary, Group Card Games, Maths Fractions, Fraction Games, Teaching Fractions, Fifth Grade Math, Math School, Math Intervention, Fourth Grade Math

First to 50 (Fractions of Groups Game)

There's nothing like a parent-teacher conference to inspire new deceptively educational games. That was the case with this activity. My son's teacher mentioned that fractions of groups was on the lesson plan for the final trimester and that it can often be a struggle for kids. Here's the little game I cooked up to help my son master this skill. Not knowing how much he'd need to be challenged, I created one card game with three levels of difficulty. (Click on the level or the cards below to…

Dr. Nicki Newton
Brownie Sharing - A Mixed Fraction Lesson Brownies For One, Fraction Activity, Mixed Fractions, Fraction Lessons, Fraction Activities, Mixed Numbers, Math Fractions, Love Math, Teaching Elementary

Brownie Sharing - A Mixed Fraction Lesson

Mixed Fractions can be intimidating to students. Once students understand the concept of fractions they will be able to solve more complex problems like mixed fractions. I have a great lesson and resource for you using mixed fractions. This Free resource has a fun little lesson to do with students about fractions and mixed numbers. Students use pretend brownies to cut up and share so that each person has an equal amount of brownies. To spice the lesson up, use real brownies for one of the…

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Comparing Fractions in 3rd grade with Dice and Dominoes Math Centers Year 3 Fractions, Representing Fractions 3rd Grade, Learning Fractions 3rd Grade, Grade 4 Fractions Activities, Diy Fraction Manipulatives, Fractions Of A Set Activities, Fractions For 3rd Grade, How To Teach Fractions 3rd Grade, Fractions Activities 2nd

Comparing Fractions in 3rd grade with Dice and Dominoes Math Centers

Comparing fractions can be hard for students AND teachers. Here are 3 tips to make comparing fractions more engaging for your 3rd graders!

Annie Vignola