Funny embroidery

Add a touch of humor to your embroidery projects with these hilarious ideas. Explore funny designs and create unique pieces that will make you smile every time.
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Hi everyone! Our names are Karla and Fabricio, and with our project Rebordação Handmade Embroidery, we are introducing modern vibes to the embroidery world. We create funny embroidery artwork on hoops that are inspired by puns, memes, pop culture, and more.

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How is your summer going so far? We're sure that most of you have packed schedules with exciting activities, so you can't complain about boredom. However, for those of you who value alternative ways of relaxation and are seeking ideas for what to do on those long summer days, we're here with a list full of inspirations.

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Hi Everyone! Our names are Karla and Fabricio and we are Lisbon, Portugal-based creatives behind the Rebordação Handmade Embroidery project. Through our creative embroidery hoop art, our mission is to create “embroideries to make your day a little happier and funny.” From Van Gogh to Britney Spears, many well-known figures are represented in our work.

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Can I Pet Your Dog Handmade Embroidery Gift Funny Birthday Housewarming Anniversary Holiday Seasonal Decor meme pet fur baby puppy This is a unique hand embroidered gift that will look perfect in any home! Backed in felt. Easy to hang and enjoy! Item Specifics: Hoop=6 inches painted with acrylic Fabric= Linen Shipping: Items are shipped USPS First Class. Orders are typically shipped out within 1 business day. For expedited shipping, please contact me

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Tap into your inner comedian with these funny embroidery designs! Who knew needlepoint could be so entertaining? Embroidery has made a comeback in recent years and with it has come some stitching ideas that are truly hilarious. Some of these designs even feature a couple of expletives. If you have sensitive family members (or kids) […] Read more...

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