Gallon of water

Discover creative ways to use a gallon of water in your daily life. From staying hydrated to household hacks, explore top ideas for making the most of this essential resource.
Bob's Tip of the Day:  No matter where you live, you should keep a stash of emergency supplies on hand. Your most important need is for food and water for up to 72 hours. I don't mean extra case of small plastic bottles – you need two or three gallons of water per person per day. That means a family of four should have ten or twelve gallons of water on hand – that’s a lot of water! You also need enough non-perishable food for you and your family. Don’t forget a manual can opener! Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Water, Gallon Of Water, Can Opener, Survival Food, Green Cleaning, Small Plastic Bottles, In Case Of Emergency

Whether it’s a Category 5 hurricane or the coming of the zombie apocalypse, you never know exactly when a disaster might strike. Whatever the coming calamity may be, it’s crucial to your survival to always be prepared. In some scenarios, you may need to evacuate your home almost immediately, so it’s important to assemble your kit well in advance and keep it easily accessible. Get started by flipping through our gallery to confirm that you’re fully stocked with these Red Cross-approved…

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