Game environment

Take your gaming experience to the next level with these top ideas for creating immersive game environments. From stunning graphics to realistic sound effects, discover how to make your game come alive.
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In the Game Environment art category of the Beyond Human Challenge, participants were given the choice to build on the concepts from Phase 1 or design their own and create a 3D environment for a game rendered in a real-time engine within the theme, depicting the future of humanity. Browse entries from the Game Environment category […]

Cris Jimenez

- I experimented and learned lots of new techniques during this project. All the custom assets are modeled in Maya and composed in Unreal Engine 5, using both tiling and baked textures in Substance Painter & Designer. -I had a lot of fun creating my custom foliage by using ZBrush to sculpt high poly and baked down to low poly, and I modified some variations both inside SpeedTree and composed by hand. Used Houdini to simulate the different variations of broken glasses, and the falling leaf…

Max Po