Explore the stunning world of gamebirds and learn about different species, their habitats, and unique characteristics. Start your journey of birdwatching and appreciate the beauty of gamebirds in their natural habitats.
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Band-Tailed Pigeon: Such a pretty bird. Bright orange feet and bill with a little dark dot on the end of the bill. Pigeon, Bird, Band Tailed Pigeon, Bird Feathers, Pet Birds, Bird Sightings, Flying Pigeon, Birds, Bird Accessories

A backwoods relative of the ubiquitous Rock Pigeon, the Band-tailed Pigeon is common in forests of the Pacific Coast and the Southwest. A sociable bird with a mellow coo, it forms large flocks in mountain forests where it feeds on seeds and fruits. As flocks pass overhead, these large, swift-flying pigeons can resemble Rock Pigeons, so look for the long tail with a wide, pale band at the tip. Up close, a distinctive white neck crescent adorns its pastel gray plumage.


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