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Enhance your garden center with creative display ideas that will attract customers and showcase your products beautifully. Discover top ideas to create a stunning and inviting garden shopping experience.
MY VISIT TO ANTHROPOLOGIE & CO. + FURNITURE REVIEW Design, Decoration, Web Design, Outdoor Decor, Flower Shop Decor, Garden Center Displays, Garden Decor, Diy Garden, Flower Shop Display

Have you ever had a retail experience that completely blew your mind? Well, I recently did, at the newly opened Anthropologie & Co. in Walnut Creek, California.Anthropologie & Co. is different than regular Anthropologie because it showcases their sister brands, Terrain and BHLDN, and is chalk full of the clothing, shoes, furniture, and décor that they sell online. Basically, it's Anthropologie on steroids. My eyes were filled with heart emojis, my cheeks were flush with excitement, and my…

J Ambrosia