Garden netting

Keep pests and birds away from your garden using durable and effective garden netting. Find the perfect netting to safeguard your plants and enjoy a bountiful harvest.
DIY hoop houses, one net and one 1/4" hardware cloth to protect kale and strawberries respectively. Raised Garden Beds, Square Foot Gardening, Shaded Garden, Compost, Diy Garden Bed, Diy Raised Garden, Garden Netting, Hardware Cloth, Raised Garden Beds Diy

I'm NOT a vegetable gardening expert. No one is and if they say they are, they're deluded. But I do write for The Old Farmer's Almanac and Lee Valley about gardening so I know a couple of things about it. Read about some of my best tips and tricks for vegetable gardening.

Stephanie Parrish
How to build an easy DIY Netting Structure for Your Raised Veggie Bed! — CONNIE AND LUNA Raised Beds, Fitness, Raised Bed Greenhouse, Raised Beds Diy, Raised Planter, Homemade Greenhouse, Diy Garden Bed, Raised Garden Beds Diy, Raised Veggie Gardens

Cabbage butterflies LOVE brassicas and other winter greens. And trust me, the last thing you want is a butterfly laying its eggs on your veggie seedlings and having caterpillars chomp away at its tender leaves, possibly destroying the entire seedling! Today, I’m excited to share an easy method of bu

Nathalie Pennetti