Gemstone necklace diy

Unleash your creativity and design a beautiful gemstone necklace with these DIY ideas. Learn how to make unique and personalized jewelry that reflects your style.
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Easy Gemstone Beaded Necklace Tutorial with Step by Step Photos

Take beaded necklaces to the next level with natural gemstone beads. This easy DIY necklace tutorial will have you making your own jewelry in no time

Cheyenne Karschnik
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Wire Wrapped Stone Pendants

Wire Wrapped Stone Pendants : For anyone who has been following my projects for more than 6 years, this title may sound familiar. Back in April 2014, I published an Instructable titled "Wire wrapped stone pendants". Six years later, I decided to revisit the project. While my jew…

Cindy Shoudt Reddi
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Minimalist Gemstone Bar Necklace Amethyst Chip Necklace | Etsy

Perfect for that minimalist look or use as a layering necklace ~ this design is so cute! *Choose your Gemstone from the drop down options of: Purple Amethyst or Green Aventurine. *Amber not available. Measuring 17 inches, dainty Sterling Silver Chain and Gemstone Chips are featured in this design.

Amber Wissing
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DIY crystal bracelet

【Colorful Nature Stone Chips】-- The natural stone chips are available in 15 different vibrant colors, package includes 1000pcs of stone beads, a 15-compartment storage box, a pair of scissors and two rolls of crystal wire. Perfect use for beginners and children. For each color we offer you a larger quantity, all colors are guaranteed to make a minimum of one bracelet. 【High Quality Gemstone Beads】-- Genuine natural chip stone loose beads,Through polishing, Cut into irregular chips of…